Finnish sauna - dry

Finnish sauna - dry
  • made from aspen trees
  • salt with iodine inhalation
  • aromatherapy – you choose the scent
  • intimate atmosphere – hourly rates for sauna rental


  • First hour 50 PLN (regardless of the number of people)
  • Every following hour 25 PLN


  • hydromassage
  • bubble bath
  • ozonotherapy
  • chromotherapy
  • aromatherapy
  • for each guest bath is disinfected and fresh water is dispensed


  • First hour 50 PLN (regardless of the number of people)
  • Every follownig hour 25 PLN

For guests using the sauna and Jacuzzi available are:
  • Shampoo, soap, towels, essential oils, hair dryer, satellite TV, music, Internet
  • Minibar - additional fee

From your room, select No. 13 to connect to the reception.
From outside, call 012-373-13-13 extesion 13

Massage and body treatments

We invite you to take advantage of our service - MASSAGE and BODY TREATMENTS.

Our wide range will give you full opportunity to choose what works best for you. Massage in conjunction with our Sauna and Jacuzzi will give you the opportunity to rest and full recovery.

You are welcome...

Price list

Classic full body massage
100zł (60 min.)

Full body Aromatherapy massage
120zł (60 min.)

Massage with hot candle
full body 130zł (ok. 60 min.) back 80zł (30min.)

Massage candles created from a mixture of butter (Shea butter) and oils: argan, soybean, jojoba and beeswax. Massage provides: a wealth of vitamins and nutrients, physical and mental relaxation, stimulate circulation and makes the skin smooth, soft and pleasant fragrance.

Back massage
70 zł (30 min.)

Partial massage
arms, legs, abdomen, neck 50 zł (ok.15 min.)

Facial massage
40zł (ok. 15 min.)

Chinese Cupping Massage
back 80zł (ok. 30 min.)
neck, legs, arms, abdomen 60zł (ok. 15 min.)

It helps slimming (cracks fats), reduce cellulite, stimulates circulation, provide drainage, firms the skin and relaxes muscles.

Body Scrub
80zł (ok. 25 min.)

Massage WATERMELON body treatment
Watermelon body scrub, full body massage with wotermelon mask and lying in the warm foil. Active ingredients: extract of watermelon, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, almond oil, vitamin E, cellulit contra comlex, hialuroinic acid. Treatment purpose: moisturizing, firming, reduce cellulite.

150zł (ok.90 min.)
Massage GREEN APPLE AND BIO H.C.A body treatment
Green apple body scrub, full body massage with green apple masc and lying in the warm foil. Active ingredients: extract from green apples and green tea, Garcinia Cambogia-source of hydroxycitric acid (H.C.A), Centella Asiatica. Treatment purpose: helps slimming, flexibility and alasticity.

150zł (ok.90 min.)
Massage CHOCOLATE AND L-CARNITINE body treatment
Sugar body scrub, full body massage + chocolate and l-carnitine masc and lying in the warm foil. Active ingredients: extract from cacao tree - source of magnesium, calcium, iron, theobromine, theophylline, l-carnitin, focus (rockweed), green tea, hibiscus, caffeine. Treatment purpose: improving skin condition, nutrition, relaxation and improve the vitality.

150zł (ok.90 min.)

Massage and body treatments with prior telephone reservation:
12 373 13 13 (choose from the room 13) or at the hotel reception.